The NWT Cuisine Scene

Sampling traditional Northern cuisine is all part of the experience when you visit the Northwest Territories. We are famous for the fresh fish from our pristine lakes and wild game from the boreal forests. Whether served up in a "shore lunch", over a campfire or in a gourmet restaurant, you will not be disappointed. Add a side of bannock, local birch syrup or freshly picked wildberries and you have a true taste of the North. If you are really adventurous, you may even get to try muktuk (whale blubber)- a high Arctic delicacy.

Yellowknife is the dining capital of the Northwest Territories with a wide variety of eateries and menus including fine dining, pubs, cafes and takeout food establishments. Dining options from various parts of the world are available. However, there are few cities where you can find bison and Arctic char on the same menu inside a vintage log cabin. We even have our own award-winning microbrewery, NWT Brewing Company!

A trip to Yellowknife is not complete without enjoying fish and chips rated the best in Canada, Bullocks Bistro! Foodies will enjoy a trip to the farmers market and the food trucks where you can sample local and international fare while picnicking beside Frame Lake. Whether you are in Inuvik on the Arctic Coast or in Fort Smith on the southern border, you will find dining options to suit everyone's palate. Each region has their own specialties that will definitely be served with a side order of Northern hospitality.

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